Fundamental properties of CO2 mixtures - SP1

Research Scientist
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The primary objective of SP1 is to gain knowledge on fundamental properties and behaviour of relevant CO2 mixtures.

The objective will be achieved by collecting existing data, acquiring new data and developing accurate property models. Furthermore transient flow dynamics, chemical reactivity and corrosion, as well as physical interactions with materials at various storage sites will be studied. The knowledge of fundamental properties and behaviour of CO2 mixtures gained under SP1 will provide input to SP2 and SP3.

SP1 work packages (lead partner in brackets):

  • WP1.1 Typical CO2 mixtures and framework for characterisation (TNO)
  • WP1.2 Thermophysical behaviour of CO2 mixtures (RUB)
  • WP1.3 Transient fluid dynamics of CO2 mixtures (SINTEF-ER)
  • WP1.4 Corrosion potentials in CO2 infrastructure (CSM)
  • WP1.5 Chemical and physical effects of impurities on CO2 storage (GFZ)

SP1 team:

  • SINTEF Energy Research
  • RUB
  • TNO
  • GFZ
  • Tsinghua
  • CSM
  • ISPE
  • PEL