IMEMS brings together marine environmental scientists and managers from research, industry, and government to share information and concepts across national, disciplinary and technical boundaries. Bringing model developers and users together helps to achieve a common understanding of present and future capabilities, needs, and limitations.

The meeting is a forum for presentation of simulation and analysis tools, innovative concepts, exchange of ideas, and technology transfer, and will be of interest to environmental managers, researchers, and consultants.

Special Sessions:

  • Decision-Support Systems for Marine Environmental Management
  • Marine Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Operational Met-Ocean Nowcast-Forecast Systems
  • Coupled Biological-Chemical-Physical Model Systems

SINTEF initiated the first IMEMS in Trondheim, Norway in 1994, with more recent meetings being held in Lillehammer, Athens, New Orleans, Trondheim, Washington D.C, and Helsinki. All meetings have resulted in at least one published volume in a refereed scientific journal.


Mark Reed, IMEMS Chair:
May K. Ditlevsen, IMEMS Secretary:
SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
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