Dynamic models of wind farms for power system studies

This Annex facilitates an international collaboration organised under the International Energy Agency (IEA) Implementing Agreement for Co-operation in the Research and Development of Wind Turbine Systems.

The overall objective of the Annex is to assist the planning and design of wind farms by facilitating a coordinated effort to develop wind farm models suitable for use in combination with software packages for simulation and analysis of power system stability.

The Annex was started in 2002 and ran through 2007. It is carried out on a cost- and task-shared basis. The participants contribute with financial support to the Operating Agent and carry out activities, supply information and join meetings as required to meet the Annex objectives.

Access to detailed reports and database is restricted to the Annex participants.

Immediate Objectives
The effort comprises the following immediate objectives:

  • Establishment of an international forum for exchanging knowledge and experience within the field of wind farm modelling for power system studies.
  • Development, description and validation of wind farm models. Here, the wind farm models are expected to being developed by the individual participants of the Annex, whereas the description and validation will be coordinated by the Annex as to give the state of the art and to pinpoint key issues for further development. 
  • Set-up and operation of a common database for benchmark testing of wind turbine and wind farm models as an aid for securing good quality models.


Operating Agent: John Olav Giæver Tande , SINTEF Energy Research