Building HighEFFLab

Several new installations have appeared in the HighEFF Lab, and upgrading has also been carried out of the Climate Room, the CO2 compressor test rig, the propane/butane heat pump and the multi-ejector test rig. At present, the new microwave vacuum freeze-dryer is being tested by the supplier in its new location in the HighEFF Lab, and the preliminary results look promising as regards future project sales. Both the portable FTIR gas analyser and the QCL (Quantum Cascade Laser) online CF4 analyser at SINTEF Industry have been installed and are in use.

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September 2019





The multi-ejector test rig is on the left in this photo, with the end of the CO2 compressor test unit on the right.








The microwave vacuum freeze-dryer seen after installation, with a technician from Puschner GmbH and senior research scientist Michael Bantle.

Local infrastructure must also be set up to house the new installations, as well as cooling water supply, electricity and additional ventilation in compliance with the HSE regulations. Much of the major rebuilding work has already been completed and we can now see the new HighEFF Lab taking shape.

Almost ready for use


Before the summer, the new Multiphase unit was installed. It is still packed in the laboratory, awaiting the completion of installation of local infrastructure. The goal is to have this completed during October.

June 2019

The old doorway to the refrigeration room has been filled in and the new floor is in place, as well as panels on the walls. Now it’s beginning to take shape.

The mezzanine after installation and new area ready to accommodate the HighEFF Lab. 

March 2019

The site for the mezzanine during the planning phase.

Mezzanine: The end of the new mezzanine houses the multi-ejector test rig and CO2 compressor test unit, which have been upgraded as part of the HighEFF Lab project and are now ready for operation.

The calibration room has undergone a major transformation. At the end of 2018 work commenced to demolish what was previously the calorimeter room in the Thermal Engineering Laboratory (VATL), the low temperature refrigeration room and the old foodstuff laboratory. Along the way, some surprises have emerged, including piping and electrical installations whose purpose we really don’t know, floors at different levels and old building materials of dubious quality. A big change has taken place and now in September we are just waiting for the new furniture before we can install calibration equipment, analysis instrumentation and climate and refrigeration cabinets.

February 2019

All fixtures and additional walls have been removed and an opening has been created for a new window giving a view of the outer calibration room.

January 2019

This is how things looked after the calorimeter room had been demolished.