Partner meetings

All Research Areas facilitate partner meetings during the project period of HighEFF


Nidar, Trondheim Steam production by heat pumps
Enova, Trondheim Enova application, stage 1 for chicken slaugherhouse
Rema, Trondheim Energy concept "Føniks" for chicken slaughterhouse (Norsk Kylling)
Alfalaval, Lund Discussion long term relevant research activities
Glencore Nikkelverk, Kristiansand Use of surplus heat, applications for heat pumping and drying
Alcoa Lista Surplus heat utilization, process improvements
Wacker Chemicals, Kyrksætrøra Research task (WP4.2) cooperation. Also surplus heat utilization, process improvements in general
KTH Stockholm Intro/discussion PhD 3.1.3, research activities
TripleNine, Thyborøn DK Utilization of excess heat through high temperature heat pumps
Tine, Trondheim Propane-Butan heat pump for production site in Trondheim
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