Heterogeneous Computing

GPGPU Workshop in Trondheim
As a part of the Strategic Institute Program "Graphics cards as a high-end computational resource", a workshop is organized on June 8th 2006 in Trondheim. The Strategic Institute Program runs 2004 - 2007, is coordinated by SINTEF IKT, and is funded by The Research Council of Norway.


  • 12:15-13.00 The GPGPU-project, status and results. Why use the GPU? Tor Dokken, SINTEF ICT
  • 13:15-14:00 GPU-architecture and GPU-programming, Trond R. Hagen, SINTEF ICT
  • 14:15-15:00 Examples and demonstrations of the use of the GPU as a computational resource
  • 15:00-15:30  Within which applications field can  the computational resources of the GPU be used? Short presentations and discussions. Health/medical/ petroleum technology related. .

The workshop is aimed at members of the following organization and interest groups:

  • Existing and potential academic and industrial collaborators of the GPGPU-project
  • CMA – Center of mathematics for Applications: http://www.cma.uio.no,
  • NORSIGD (Norwegian Association for Computer Graphics), http://www.norsigd.no
  • Existing and potential partners and affiliated organizations to the EU Network of Excellence Aim@Shape http://www.aimatshape.net/get_involved/ .
  • Master students

Registration (at the latest June 6th):

To register please send an e-mail to:

All that have registered should have recieved a confirmation e-mail. By June 7th approximately 30 registered participants.

The registration must include name, institution/employer, e-mail address and information related to you being a SINEF employee, a NTNU employee, a master student, CMA member, NORSIGD member, is or intend to become an industrial collaborator of the GPGPU-project, or is or intend to get involved in the AIM@Shape NIG or NIGR.  There is no cost associated with becoming an academic or industrial collaborator of the GPGU-project, or the Aim@Shape Network Industrial Group (NIG) or Network Interested Researcher Group (NIRG).

The participation is free for the above categories of participants, for others the registration fee is NOK 1000.-

If there are more registrations than the space allows, we claim the right to prioritize among the registered.

Published May 10, 2006

Workshop venue:

The workshop will take place at auditorium EL1, Gamle elektro, NTNU, Gløshaugen, Trondheim.

The workshop is a cooperation between

For further information contact:

  • Tor Dokken
  • Phone: +47 22067661