Heterogeneous Computing

Virtual Surgical Training

Project idea: Distributed surgical training using shared resources and thin clients.

Computation capacity and access to expertise and infrastructure for training, are limiting factors for the spread of simulator-based training and education. By removing these limitations, through the possibilities in Future Internet, one will increase surgical skills and thus improve patient safety.

Laparoskopi: Photo: Arne Asphjell/NTNU InfoSurgical training: Image courtesy of SimSurgery

Computation capacity can be improved significantly by utilizing various computational resources in a better way: by sharing computing resources internally on each PC through efficient use of multi-core processors and dedicated graphics processing units, and by sharing computing resources by means of cloud computing.

SINTEF ICT role: Development of new methods for simulation and visualization using heterogeneous computational resources to increase realism and performance. This will facilitate simulation of new and more complex surgical techniques and procedures.

Funding: The Research Council of Norway, Innovation Project in the industry sector (BIP),  2010-2014

Partners: SimSurgery (coordinator), SINTEF ICT, SINTEF Technology and Society, Oslo University Hospital, and Trondheim University Hospital.

Published October 19, 2010