Heterogeneous Computing


Box game

Main objective: To develop knowledge, methods, and technology for easy interaction with a virtual 3D data presentation using hand, arm and finger movements.

Secondary objectives:

  • To build a lab with equipment for stereoscopic visualization and 3D interaction.
  • To develop technologies for collecting gesture information with the necessary precision.
  • To develop a standard set of simple movement patterns of manipulation of 3D data.
  • To develop a stereoscopic visualization tool that supports interaction with the spatial model.
  • To build a system to integrate motion information and stereoscopic visualization, so that it provides a good user experience.

Participating departments at SINTEF ICT:  Networked systems and services, Optical measurement systems and data analysis, and Applied mathematics.

Funding: Internal medium scale project, 2011 - 2012

Published April 27, 2012