Heterogeneous Computing


Vision: Interactive visualization directly on natural, compact representations using heterogeneous computers - in the cloud.

The top row shows CPU-based tessellation, and the bottom row shows GPU-based tessellation.

The primary objective of the project is to:

Build expertise in Norway on methods for high-quality interactive visualization processes run on a cloud-based infrastructure of heterogeneous computers.


The secondary objectives are to develop:

  1. Methodologies for processing using the domain’s natural compact representation that is appropriate for heterogeneous computers.
  2.  Direct visualization techniques that are both high-quality and interactive, working directly on the natural compact representation of the domain.
  3.  Methods for balanced processing in an elastic heterogeneous cloud infrastructure through auto-tuning.
  4. Framework for remote interaction with cloud-based processing using mobile clients.


As part of fulfilling these objectives, the following application areas will be investigated: Remote web-based visualization of simulation results from isogeometric analysis, interactive surgical training, and reservoir flow.


Funding: The Research Council of Norway (80%), Industry partners (20%), Knowledge-building Project with User Involvement (KMB), 2010-2014.


Partners: SINTEF ICT (coordinator), Ceetron, SimSurgery, and Statoil

Published October 19, 2010