Heterogeneous Computing

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Project 1: Explore explicit PDE schemes for high-quality simulation using GPUs.

Shallow Water with Dry States SimulationExplicit schemes for evolutionary PDEs maps well to GPU hardware and high speedups have been demonstrated for applications to shallow water flows, gas dynamics, and astrophysics. The project can take several directions: (i) explore central difference schemes on triangular grids, (ii) investigate the use hierarchical parallelisation using multiple GPUs, (iii) use of higher-order (WENO) reconstructions for shallow water and/or gas dynamics.


Project 2: Use of GPUs for flow in porous media

SINTEF has for several years developed advanced computational methodologies for computing flow in porous media with particular emphasis on applications in reservoir simulation and subsurface storage of CO2. The project can take several directions: (i) use CUDA or OpenCL on programmable GPUs to accelerate streamline simulation: the solution of 1-D transport problems along streamlines and gravity lines and/or pvt and flash calculations; (ii) use of GPUs for linear algebra, in particular, algebraic multigrid and/or multiscale methods, (iii) build support for GPU accelleration into the MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox.

Published September 16, 2008