SFI Harvest is a research-based innovation centre. SFI Harvest aims to pioneer the lower-trophic fisheries with innovations to unlock the blue bioeconomic potential. 

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What is SFI Harvest?

The ocean hosts a large number of species, especially in lower trophic levels, that are either not harvested or only marginally utilised. These species, such as mesopelagic fish, krill and Calanus, could improve food security and the wellbeing of humanity. SFI Harvest will draw upon Norway's leading position in the ocean and offshore sectors to develop technologies for sustainable harvesting and processing of underexploited species. To secure sustainable utilisation of these valuable marine resources, technological solutions must be paired with scientific knowledge about ecosystem dynamics, development of fisheries management and well-documented business models. 


SFI Harvest is a centre for developing new technology aimed at solving the global challenges of securing enough food for a growing population, in a sustainable way. 

SFI Harvest work along the entire biomarine value chain:

What is SFI Harvest?

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