Practical information

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This document will give you all practical information needed before and during your stay. The content will be updated continuously

Conference Venue
The conference takes place at Gløshaugen (NTNU Campus), Realfagbygget, Høgskoleringen 6, Trondheim – Norway
- The Keynote sessions will be in Auditorium R1 
- Four parallel sessions will be held in Auditorium, R1, R5, R8 and R9

June 12
19:30 Welcome reception at Rockheim, Brattørkaia 14. 

June 13
07:45 Departure of Conference busses from the Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel to Gløshaugen
08:00   Check-in and registration at "Realfagbygget", Høgskoleringe 5, Gløshaugen (NTNU Campus), Trondheim - Norway.
08:30   Opening session and Keynote (R1)
10:10   Start of the parallel sessions
12:00   Lunch at Restaurant "Realfagbygget"
13:00 Start of parallel sessions
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Technical visits
18:30 Student networking event and Committee meetings

June 14
07:45 Departure of conference busses from the Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel to Gløshaugen
08:30   Start of Day 2
08:30   Parallel sessions
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch at the Restaurant "Realfagbygget"
13:30 Keynote session
15:00  Coffee break
15:20  Parrallel sessions 
17:00 End of day 2
17:15 Departure of conference busses from NTNU campus to Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel
18:00 Concert in Nidaros Cathedral
19:30 Conference dinner at Royal Garden Hotel

June 15
08:15 Departure of conference busses from the Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel to Gløshaugen
09:00   Start of Day 3 
09:00   Parallel sessions
10:30  Coffee break
10:50  Parallel sessions
11:50 Lunch
13:00 Keynote session
14:00   Closing ceremony
14:30   Departure of conference busses from NTNU campus to Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel and Værnes Airport

Please, note that the time schedule may be adjusted   

Lunch and coffee breaks
Lunch will be served in the restaurant “Realfagbygget”. Participants with special dietary requests should contact the canteen personnel. Coffee and other refreshments will be served outside Auditorium R1. 

Conference secretariat
The conference secretariat desk will be located outside Auditorium R1. If you need assistance or information before the conference, please contact NTNU Conference ()

Speaker ready room
Conference staff will be reachable in the "speaker Ready" room for Participants with oral presentations during the whole conference (R90)

Internet access and reading rooms
The NTNU campus has a free wireless network for those of you bringing laptops with WLAN functionality. Choose the net named “ntnuguest” (not secured). "Eduroam" also works.

Coat/luggage room
There will be a coat and luggage room available on all conference days (R91).   

Public Transport
Bus from airport to Trondheim (down town)
There is a shuttle bus " Værnesexpressen" leaving from the airport after every flight arrival. There is a bus stop just in front of the Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel where the Conference dinner will be held. If you stay at Scandic Solsiden leave the bus at stopp "Solsiden", if you stay at hotel Scandic Bakklandet use stopp "Bakkegata" and if you stay at Clarion Grand Olav get of the bus at Radisson Blu Royal Garden (the hotel is at 10 minutes walk from there). The price is NOK 170 (both cash and cards accepted).

Bus from the city center to the airport
There is a shuttle bus leaving from several stops in the city centre to the airport regularly (every 15 minutes) (Værnesekspressen). The price is approx. NOK 130/170 (both cash and cards are accepted).

Bus from the airport to the conference venue 
There is a shuttle (Værnesexpressen) bus leaving from the airport after every flight arrival. "Scandic Lerkendal" is the nearest stopp to the Conference venue (10 minutes walk). The price is around NOK 130/170 (both cash and cards are accepted).

Bus from the city centre to the conference site
Buses on route no. 22 and 3 leave every 15 minutes from the city centre ("Solsiden" or "Nova kinosenter" stop) to the campus. The bus fare is about NOK 40. Get off at “Gløshaugen Syd”.

Taxi from the airport to the conference venue/city centre
The trip between the airport and the city centre costs from NOK 600 and takes about 30 min. (Booking from an international phone, dial +47 930 07373 and from a local phone dial 07373). You can call Trøndertaxi (phone 07373) and order a “Flytaxi” for approx. NOK 400 (you will likely have to share the taxi with 1-2 other persons).

Taxi from the centre of the city to the conference venue
The trip takes 5-10 minutes from the city centre and costs NOK ~150. (Booking from an international phone, dial +47 930 07373. From a local phone dial 07373).

Private conference bus
There will be a daily pick-up bus at Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel at 07:45 Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 and 08:15 at Wednesday 15.

The busses will return to the Royal Garden Hotel at 15:15 and 17:15 on Monday 13 and  Tuesday 14 June. 

The campus is located some 3 km (~30 minutes' walk) from the city centre. 

Social programme 

Sunday June 12 – 19:30
“Welcome reception” at Rockheim. There will be possibilities for check-in and register during the gathering. We encourage the participants to do so. 

Tuesday June 14 – 18:00
"Social event" at the Nidaros Cathedral.
Please meet at 18:00 sharp. The concert starts at 18:05.
Meeting point: Meet at entrance from "Munkegata" (do not meet at the  front entrance of the Cathedral)

Nidaros Cathedral was built above the grave of St. Olav, Norway's patron saint. Construction began in 1070, but the oldest components are still available from the middle of the twelfth century. Devastated by fire at several occasions, it laid in rubble at the time of the Reformation in 1537. The Cathedral was reconstructed each time, chiefly in the Gothic style, but the oldest parts around the transept reflected the Roman style. In 1869, extensive renovations were begun, and a century later the Cathedral was again restored to its initial grandeur.

The west wall is the main front of the church. The axis of the wall displays the crucified Christ in Judgment, at the head, Christ enthroned in glory the church was devoted to Christ in the Middle Ages and was called the Crystals Church, the Church of Christ. It is richly decorated in stone, with magnificent stained-glass windows from the twentieth century.

Today, the Cathedral still attracts many visitors. The Cathedral also serves as a parish church for inhabitants of the city of Trondheim. Moreover, music recitals in the Cathedral offer sublime listening experiences under the high vaulted arches.

Tuesday June 14 – 19:30
"Conference Dinner"
The Conference dinner will take place at the Royal garden Hotel. 

Dresscode: The dress code at the dinner is casual.

Guided tour for accompanying persons
A guided tour will take place on Tuesday June 14, from 10:00 - 12:00. A guide will meet you at the hotel reception of Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel at 10.00. The duration of the walk is approximately 2 hours.

COVID testing
We strongly advise you to book a test slot at the soonest
For the Participants who need a Covit certificate to enter their destination after the Conference, it is important to check beforehand which type of test is required from your country. 

We contacted a private enterprise "Aleris Solsiden" (Innherredsveien 7D, 3rd. floor - Entrance from Kirkegata - tel. +47 73 87 20 00). It is a very short walk from the Royal Garden Hotel, The Scandic Nidelven etc... and a 20 minutes walk from the Conference venue

They have 2 types of tests:
- PCR: The best one - costs 1580 nok - takes 1 to 3 hours to get the results
- Antigen: Quick test - costs 1200 nok - you get the results within 20 minutes
Aleris has 5 slots for testing in the morning at 09:00 and in the afternoon at 13:00.

There is also a Test Center at the airport "Kry". It takes much longer time to receive the results there so we do not recommend to use this possibility. 

Streaming of Keynote sessions
Keynote sessions will be streamed and made available by IIR. Some small sequences might contain the audience.

A photographer will take pictures of presenters and participants.

Bank facilities
Banks are located downtown. Banking hours are usually 9:00 - 15:00.

No smoking policy
Smoking is not permitted in any indoor public areas in Norway. This includes the conference facilities and all buildings on the campus. There is no smoking in bars and restaurants or on any means of public transport.

Participants who have informed us of special dietary needs in the registration should identify themselves at dinner. Special dietary meals have been pre-ordered. At the lunch buffet the food is marked with allergies.

The organizers are not liable for any losses, accidents or damage to persons or objects, regardless of the cause. Participants attend the conference and all related events at their own risk and responsibility. Do not leave any computers or other valuable items in the auditoriums during lunch breaks or other breaks.

Questions and general information
Please, contact