International master’s programmes

GTS has been involved in the development of two international master’s programmes; Master in Natural Gas Technology and the Master in Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering. The programmes are hosted by Department of Energy and Process Engineering, and the programme coordinator is Professor Olav Bolland.

In addition there are several other master's programmes with relevance to gas technology:

PhD-opportunities at NTNU
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PhD fellowships supported by GTS.

  • Andreas Helland Lillebø
    Conversion of synthesis gas from biomass to liquid fuels bythe Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.
  • Luis Castillo
    Multi-objective optimization of LNG processes.
  • Magnus Jacobsen
    Identifying ative constraint regions for optimal operation of process plants - With application to LNG and distillation processes
  • Tom-Gøran Skog
    Development of polymeric hollow fiber membranes for removal ofCO2 from high-pressure natural gas.
  • Isabella Inzoli
    Coupled transports of heat and mass at the surface of and insidesilicalite.
  • Astrid Lervik Mejdell,
    Properties and application of 1-5 μm Pd/Ag23wt.% membranes for hydrogen separation.
  • Liyuan Deng,
    Development of Novel PVAm/PVA Blend FSC Membrane for CO2 Capture
  • Bjørn Lilleberg:
    Advanced computational modelling of non-conventional, lean premixed gas-turbine combustors.
  • Ezequiel Manavela Chiapero.
    Two phase flow instabilities and flow maldistribution in parallel channels. Recent publications:
  • Magnus Jacobsen.
    Optimal operation of LNG processes.
  • Petar Aleksic
    Investigation of transient thermal behavior in hydrogen cryo-adsorption onboard storage system
  • Sissel Øksnevad Martinsen
    Climate Gas & VOC Emissions from Oil Cargo Tankers
  • Arjun Singh
    Dynamic Modelling and Control of Liquefied Natural Gas Plants
  • Zhengjie Zhu
    Population balance modeling of bubbly flow column
  • David Grainger
  • Development of carbon membranes for hydrogen recovery
  • Inge Saanum
    Combustion of hydrogen/natural gas mixtures as a transition from the use of natural gas to the use of hydrogen
  • Sverre Gullikstad Johnsen
    An Analytical Mathematical Theoretical Study of Single-Well Push-Pull “Echo” Tests


Publisert 10. november 2011