Student excursion to Statoil Melkøya 2011
The Gas Technology Centre NTNU-SINTEF has long collaborated with Statoil to organize student excursions to Statoil’s industrial plants.

4th or 5th year students and PhD candidates were invited to participate in the excursion to Statoil’s natural gas processing and liquefaction plant on Melkøya and Hammerfest LNG.

In brief 12, graduate engineer students stayed for one week at Statoil Melkøya 17-21 October 2011, and in this period took part in a course focusing on different aspects related to operation of a processing plant for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). The intention was to give students an overall and practical understanding of how a LNG processing plant is operated. Emphasize was on various work cycles and how different branches of science cooperates. The students got challenged to use their theoretical knowledge to learn about the operational conditions in a modern processing plant. Training was given by Statoil employees as a combination of lectures, tours and group project assignments.

[{¤src¤:¤/project/Trondheim_GTS/Melk%c3%b8ya2011_Foto_Eirik_Soland_Thu.jpg¤,¤alt¤:¤Students at Melkøya. Photo: Eirik Soland Thu¤}]

Travel to Hammerfest and accommodation at Melkøya is paid by Statoil and the Gas Technology Centre.

The stay will give opportunities for social gatherings and network building with students from other departments.

Students from the following departments are invited to apply: 

Contact professionally responsible, NTNU, Hilde Venvik

Contact participant 2011, Sissel Grude

Publisert 10. november 2011