Gas technology for future generations Thirty years ago, "natural gas" was an obscure term for many people. Today Norway is the third largest exporter of this much sought-after natural resource.


Transition to a Greener Society
As gas scientists we have the ability to make our planet greener. Natural gas is cleaner than oil and coal. For the environment an increased gas consumption is a step in the right direction towards a society where renewable sources of energy will take over.

As specialists on gas technology, we also contribute to economic growth and new jobs. Natural gas can be refined into a wide range of products - from proteins to liquid, environmental fuel.

The Gas Technology Centre - which encompasses approximately 300 researchers - will increase the cross-disciplinary research and teaching at NTNU and SINTEF. When combining our strengths in this manner, we also dare to set high ambitions.

High Ambitions
Our goal is to build new knowledge and new technology for an efficient and environmentally sustainable exploitation of natural gas - one that can form the basis for a new industrial boom in Norway.

Furthermore, at NTNU and SINTEF we are paving the way for the hydrogen society.

It is with great expectations we are now press the "gas" pedal to the metal!

The road ahead

To Capture CO2 - and to Get Rid of It!
Man-made emission of green house gases is maybe the greatest threat to our environment today. Together, NTNU and SINTEF build knowledge and methods to separate CO2 and to permanently store CO2 from large sources like gas power plants. We are also studying possibilities for increased extraction of oil with the help of CO2.

Gas to New Customers
Billions of people still do not have access to electricity. Both in China and in India, natural gas is now being exported - refrigerated and in liquid form - for use in the production of electricity. At NTNU and SINTEF, we contribute with constructive solutions for a simpler transportation of liquid gas into new markets.

Raw Material to the Industry
The technology to transform natural gas into liquid fuel is available. By continuous research, the conversion processes can be improved and made even more cost effective and environmentally friendly. With better and more effective processes, smaller and geographically more distant fields can be exploited. Natural gas is an excellent raw material for chemical industry, and we are working constantly on product innovation.

Hydrogen as Energy Carrier
Hydrogen - processed with renewable resources - might be an important energy carrier in our future society. We already do research in this area. We are also trying to find the most environmentally friendly production methods for hydrogen as we move towards the hydrogen society; that is, production based on natural gas. In addition, we design solutions for storage, transportation and end use of hydrogen. Among other things, we work with fuel cell technology for use in both mobile and stationary products.

End Use of Natural Gas in Norway
We believe in tailored distribution systems for gas in Norway. With natural gas available, Norwegians will be able to reduce their electricity needs for heating.

A transition to natural gas as the chosen fuel for domestic shipping would enable large cuts in our country's NOX-emissions. One step in this direction was taken when "M/F Glutra" - the world's first and only gas ferry - was put into traffic.

Publisert 1. februar 2012