GATEWAY - Developing a Pilot case for European CO2 transport infrastructure

  • In order to bring CCS closer to commercial realization in Europe, the viability of alternative CCS projects must be explored analysing the CCS chains as an integrated system and considering its interactions with its global environment.

  • There is a need to identify a portfolio of promising CO2 projects and the most efficient incentives for realization of European CO2 transport infrastructure and to show that these would be robust and feasible in long-term perspective.

  • The GATEWAY project will provide a common strategic decision basis, enabling all stakeholders to identify and implement measures that can accelerate development, up-take, and deployment of technologies needed for realisation of large scale CCS projects based on European CO2 transport infrastructure.


Creating the Pilot Case

  • Knowledge gathering (involving structured intelligence processes)

  • Outlining strategies

  • Scenario building

  • Consideration of lead times

  • Cost assessment

  • Funding of synchronization issues

Providing knowledge how to initiate first mover project

  • Assess economic potential, timing, and organization towards deployment of CCS within EuropeInitiate strict planning of the infrastructure including policy issues and regulatory requirements (consulting EII, ZEP, and EERA JP CCS)

    • How to start the process

    • How will the gateway impact further development in surrounding countries

Give strong recommendations for subsequent joint project using Berlin model on

  • Synchronizing funding from multiple sources to start planning, construction, and operation of the gateway

  • Suggestions of possible business models

  • Suggestions for handling the risks and uncertainties during whole lifetime including decommissioning