International workshop on the production of metals using natural gas, Trondheim Norway, arr. SINTEF

Call for abstracts

We invite you to submit abstracts pertaining to the application of natural gas in all areas of metal production including: iron and steel, ferroalloys, base metals, light metals and others. Both fundamental studies and industrial applications are of interest with a focus on the following general topics:

  • Technologies for metal production using natural gas
    • Current industrial uses and challenges
    • New technologies under development, novel ideas
  • Solid state reduction of ores using syngas and/or natural gas
  • Pre-reduction of metal ores
  • Use of natural gas in aluminium and other eletrolytic processes
    • Including gas anodes as well as other approaches
  • Natural gas as a source of solid carbon for carbothermic reduction
  • Use of natural gas directly as the reducing agent in metallurgical processes
  • Social, economic and environmental consequences and benefits.
    • Clustering and synergies with co-location of different industries

Plus: General topics further related to the increased use of natural gas as a replacement of coal and coke in metal production.

Extended abstract deadline: July 30th

For more information, see the Call for abstracts folder.

Published February 11, 2014