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Probabilistic framework for reliability management
Development of new reliability criteria Efthymios Karangelos 8,2 MB  895 MB
Socio-economic assessment of reliability criteria Fridrik Már Baldursson  1,3 MB  318 MB
Application in TSO's reliability management tasks
System Operation: Methods and lessons learnt from pilot tests Irís Baldursdóttir  6,8 MB  974 MB
System Operation: Key results, migrations & validation Pascal Tournebise  7,5 MB 447 MB
Asset Management: Methods and next steps Rémy Clement  5,3 MB  751 MB
System Development: Methods and lessons learnt from pilot tests Arnaud Vergnol  6,3 MB  565 MB
Benefits of a probabilisitc approach in a real system development study Simon Weizenegger  5,0 MB 500 MB
Comparison of N-1 and the probabilistic approach
Presentation of the GARPUR Quantification Platform Frederik Geth  7,1 MB  659 MB
Testing the functionality of the GQP Pascal Tournebise  6,7 MB  654 MB