FunzioNano - Multifunctional nanosized hybrid polymers that give your material a crucial lift

funzionano (ital) – They work!

The FunzioNano® technology has its basis in a cost effective synthesis of organic/inorganic nanostructured hybrid polymers.

The nanostructures can be given a variety of chemical surface functionalities which can give polymer matrix materials improved or entirely new properties.

FunzioNano® is a generic technology platform that has been developed at  SINTEF Materials and Chemistry.

Innovation Award from EARTO
Christian Simon and Ferdinand Männle from SINTEF Materials and Chemistry received an innovation award for their contribution towards the development of a new type of eco-friendly paint. Read more >>>

See the film about the product.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the Reasearch Council of Norway  (NANOMAT, BIA, NANO2021, FORNY and FORNY2020) and European Commission. Successfull and effective research and development would not have been possible without this financial support of more than 100 million NOK.