Electrical Conditions in Submerged Arc Furnaces - Identification and Improvements (SAFECI)

The project aims at establishing the basis for substantially reduced energyconsumption. We believe that the total potential is in the range of 5-10 % of theenergy consumption, where one per cent reduction for our partners corresponds toan annual saving of some 70 GWh.


The project intends to provide substantially new information on inner furnace conditions and how they can be measured/detected. The combination of physical and data-driven models will pave the way towards future digital twins. If successful, the project will supply a breakthrough within metallurgy, that will enable early detection of deviation from good operating conditions and ensure safe transfer back to suitable operation. Potentially, the project may also lead to improved knowledgebased guidelines for future furnace design. Read more about the SAFECI project

Project owner: NORCE
Project duration:
2021 - 2025
Total budget: 19.1 MNOK
Partners: Elkem, Eramet, Wacker, Finnfjord and NTNU

The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway

Manual Sparta

Senior Researcher
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Manual Sparta
Senior Researcher