Case study: Local energy planning in Hylkje

Hylkje is a community, near the city of Bergen, situated on the West coast of Norway. The energy supply situation in this region is approaching a critical limit, due to the recent and future demographic development: new commercial, administrative and apartment buildings have been and will be built in the region and new industrial demand for heat is forecasted.

The energy supply in many areas in Norway is dominated by electricity as the main energy carrier. Therefore, often the local energy supply systems are vulnerable to insufficient electricity transport capacity in the region.

Gas supply is an alternative to the reinforcement of the electricity transport network into the Hylkje region. This solution is also in line with a new governmental decision of diversifying the energy supply in all inland regions in Norway by using gas as an alternative to electricity as energy carrier.

This example shows how the local energy planning process can be carried out. The study will focus on possible alternatives for covering the increase in the local energy demand: expansion, enforcement or diversification (introduction of new energy carriers) of the existing local energy distribution system.



Published August 3, 2012

Contact: Gerd Kjølle, SINTEF Energy Research