Data sources / Load models

Collection and preparation of information is very important in all planning tasks. The information available/needed to carry out the various planning tasks can be of different nature.

For example, the information needed to carry out plannning tasks A comes as general facts, trends and figures that often have a qualitative nature. On the other hand, the information necesary in energy system modelling is in general quantitative/numerical.

Knowing what data can be collected requires an in depth knowledge of the system, the needs, options and possible constraints. Further, the decision on what methodology or modelling tools can be applied in the plannning process depends entirely on data availability.

A special issue is dedicated on this page to load/energy demand modelling (see the link on the right). The evolution of energy demand in a region is a driving force in energy planning. Information about energy demand is used in all planning tasks. Task B is entierly dedicated to energy demand estimation and/or modelling. Load/energy demand models are derived form the incipient information available about the energy system. Further, the information provided by these models can be used as input to energy system models.

Published August 3, 2012

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Contact: Gerd Kjølle, SINTEF Energy Research