This Energy Planning Toolbox provides guidance for carrying out the planning process and for selecting and applying tools that can support energy system planning decisions.

The Toolbox is designed on two levels: 'Planning tasks' and 'Planning tools'.

The first level 'Planning tasks' is represented in the left menu and offers an overview and description of the planning process.The second level 'Planning tools' is represented in the menu above and offers an overview of different tools that can address the different planning tasks.

The two levels are structurally independent of each other. Links between the two levels will be often provided, in order to enable a dynamic use of the toolbox.

To use the toolbox you can begin, for example, by going through the planning process in the left menu. For each planning task you will find a general description together with guidance about which tool (or group of tools) can be used to carry out that specific task.

You can also directly access the available tools in the toolbox by clicking on the different categories of tools in the menu above. A list of relevant tools specific to each category will then be shown. Select one to view information on that tool. Indications and links will be provided about which parts of the planning process the tool can assist.

You have also the possibility to browse through an example that illustrates how the different planning tasks can be carried out, and which tools can be used. To view the example, click on the link below the list of planning tasks.

Published August 2, 2012

Contact: Gerd Kjølle, SINTEF Energy Research