Planning subtask C2: Identification of criteria
Example: Local energy planning in Hylkje

The overall goal for the planner is to assure an adequate energy supply to the community by covering the increase in energy demand in the area. Within this framework, the planner wants to achieve minimal costs for the consumers and minimal impact on the environment. Therefore, the objectives for this planning problem were organized as following:


In this hierarchy one can observe that four of the objectives are related to the system operation planning (operating cost, CO2 emissions, NOx emissions and heat dump from CHP plants to the environment) and one is related to strategic planning (investment cost). In order to deal with the multiple objectives, measurement scales had to be decided for each of these objectives (or criteria):

No. Objective Unit

Operating cost



Investment cost



CO2 emissions



NOx emissions



Heat dump


Published August 3, 2012

Contact: Gerd Kjølle, SINTEF Energy Research