A2: Checking for the availability of data sources, tools and competence

Planners should be able to make a realistic evaluation regarding the availability of data, tools and competence that are necessary.

Often the analysis and planning is closely connected to the use of a certain computer model or methodology. In such cases it may happen that the capabilities of the methodology/computer model used shape the structure of the planning problem and implicitly the results. It is better therefore to first develop a comprehensive picture of the problem and then choose the model or methodology to use. Finally there must be a balance between what you wood like to do and what the model can actually achieve. 

Moreover, lack of information or poor data quality might prohibit some analyses to be performed or tools to be used. The same will happen when advanced tools are available, but competence and training of analysts in using these tools is lacking.

This web-page can serve as a check-list for tools and information that can be used in a planning study. By browsing through the planning tools above you can get an idea of what types of tools are available and their applicability in practice.

Published August 2, 2012

Contact: Gerd Kjølle, SINTEF Energy Research