Planning task A: Study planning. Innitial information survey

A local energy plan must start with a description of the present situation.

This first planning step is necessary in order to reveal, structure and understand the issues that triggers the need for local energy planning.

This innitial screening of information will help in formulating the local planning problem. Problem formulation is a key success factor in any problem solving.

Activities that can be included in the study planning 

  1. Define the purpose and motivation of sthe study, identify stakeholders and stakes
  2. Check for the availability of data sources, tools and competence
  3. Formulate the socio-economic planning problem.

In the extended menu on the left you can find information that can support each of these sub-tasks. This information varies from links to data sources and repports describing planning principles and methodologies, to links to examples and case studies.

Published August 2, 2012

Contact: Gerd Kjølle, SINTEF Energy Research