The Energy Planning Toolbox is created to support and guide the process of planning local energy systems with multiple energy carriers: electricity, gas, hot water, etc.

The toolbox gathers methodological elements (tools) that can be used for local energy system planning and it enables users to learn and understand the use and potential benefits of these tools.

This web portal is intended as an environment for discussions, guidance and decision support in local energy systems planning, aiming at narrowing the gap between the availability of scientific solutions and their use in practice. For this, the portal is designed to meet the requirements of both the scientific community (researchers, teachers, students) and of the actual planners (municipalities, local authorities, utilities and other stakeholders).

The Energy Planning Toolbox

is the result of the research carried out within the SEDS project, at NTNU and SINTEF Energy Research in Trondheim, Norway.

This portal is a dynamic environment, subject to continuous updating based on an active monitoring of the research developments in the energy planning field.

Contact: Gerd Kjølle, SINTEF Energy Research