The main objective of the project is to increase the knowledge concerning the electricity demand for different groups of end-users such as household customers and the service industry (office buildings). This includes knowledge concerning both the total energy demand [kWh] and power demand [kWh/h] for the different customer types and end-uses.

The increased knowledge will be achieved through establishing mathematical and statistical methods for calculating both the total electricity demand (bottom-up) and the specific electricity demand for different end-uses (top-down) based on limited metered data.

Prosjektet skal måle strømforbruket til elektriske apparater hos husholdningskunder som har mulighet for timemåling av totalforbruket.

Prosjektet ønsker derfor kontakt med nettselskap som kan hjelpe oss med å få kontakt med husholdningskunder.


Project information

The project is a part of the RENERGI program at the Norwegian Research Council.

Project Period: 2009-2012

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