EFFORT can contribute to 30 % reduction of CO2 release on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

  • Reduction of offshore CO2 release by 30%
    • 45000 tonnes / year from bottoming cycle
    • 6000 tonnes / year from the waste heat from gas compression train
  • If bottoming cycles are implemented on all gas turbines on the NCS estimated 2.65 Million tons of reduced CO2 emissions per year.
  • Reduction of golbal CO2 release be same amount
  • Significant contribution towards reaching Norway's climate goals!

The ultimate goal of EFFORT is

to develop Energy Efficient technologies and solutions for offshore oil and gas production, and to promote implementation of these technologies offshore. This will result in more efficient power production, reduced energy use and thereby reduced CO2 emissions. The main scope is to investigate how the waste heat that is available on offshore facilities can be utilized more effectively.

In order to promote implementation of the new technology, the research focuses on offshore specific requirements. The most salient of which are low weight and compact size.

Kristin plattform - Photo Marit Hommedal - Statoil

Contacts: Project Manager Marit Jagtøyen Mazzetti ,  Scientific Coordinator Petter Nekså