Poster awards

Poster award winners:

2019   Fiona D. McAuliffe, C. Desmond, R. Chester, B.Flannery, F. Judge, K. Lynch and J. Murphy, MaREI Centre, ERI, University of College Cork, Ireland


    A tool to simulate decommissioning offshore wind farms
    Erick F. Alves, Santiago S. Acevedo, Elisabetta Tedeschi, NTNU     Power Quality in Wind-Powered Oil and Gasplatforms
2018   Lisa Ziegler, Ramboll/NTNU, Matthieu Rhomberg, Ramboll/NTNU/Delft University of Technology, Michael Muskulus, NTNU


    Optimization of monopiles with genetic algorithms
    Elena Gonzalez, Marcelo Martinez, Julio J Melero, CIRCE, Laura Valldecabres, ForWind, Helene Seyr, NTNU


    On the effects of environmental conditions on wind turbine performance - an offshore case study 
2017   Lorenzo Colone, Maik Reder, Jannis Tautz-Weinert, Technical University of Denmark     Optimisation of Data Acquisition in Wind Turbines with Data-Driven Conversion Functions for Sensor Measurements 
    Ana Page, NTNU     A New Foundation Model for Integrated Analyses of Monopile-based Offshore Wind Turbines 
2016   Joachim Reuder, Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen     Proof of concept for wind turbine wake investigations with the RPAS SUMO
    Trygve Løken, NTNU     Energy systems on autonomous offshore measurement stations 
2015   Lisa Ziegler, NTNU/Siemens Wind Power, Netherlands     Sensitivity of Wave Fatigue Loads on Offshore Wind Turbines under varying Site Conditions
    Rebecca Martin, EDF Energy R&D UK Centre Ltd.     Reference Cases for Benchmarking Operations and Maintenance Models for Offshore Wind Farms
2014   Amir Nejad, NTNU     Fatigue Reliability-Based Inspection and Maintenance Planning of Gearbox Components in Wind Turbine Drivetrains
    Chad Jarvis, Christian Michelsen Research AS     Interactive design of wind farm layout using CFD and model reduction
 2013   Etienne Cheynet, ENSMA, Magnus Tyrhaug, SINTEF     Investigation of droplet erosion for offshore wind turbine blade
    Laura Castro-Santos, Geuffer Prado Garcia, Laboratorio Nacional de Energia (LNEG)
Vicente Diaz-Casas, Universidade da Coruna
    Methodology to study the life cycle cost of
floating offshore wind farms
2012   Daniel Zwick, PhD stud, NTNU     Iterative optimization approach for the design
of full-height lattice towers for offshore wind turbines
    Signe Schløer, Technical University of Denmark     Fully Nonlinear Wave Foricing on an Offshore Wind Turbine. Structural Response and Fatigue