Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee

The conference is hosted by SINTEF and NTNU and organized in cooperation with the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) joint programme on wind energy. The event is non-profit in which a number of partners volunteer great efforts as session chairs and reviewers. These include (TBC): DTU, Fraunhofer IWES, IFE, Kjeller Vindteknikk,, NREL, TU Delft, UiB, University of Strathclyde, in addition to SINTEF and NTNU.

Conference chairs:

  • John Olav Giæver Tande, Chief scientist, SINTEF Energy Research
  • Trond Kvamsdal, Professor NTNU
  • Michael Muskulus, Professor NTNU

Please contact Randi Aukan, project coordinator SINTEF Energi AS, for any practical questions

Scientific Committee

An international Scientific Committee is established with participants from leading research institutes and universities. These include (TBC):

  • Anaya-Lara, Olimpo, University of Strathclyde
  • Berge, Erik, Meteorologisk institutt
  • Berkhout, Volker, Fraunhofer IEE
  • Bredmose, Henrik, DTU
  • Cutululis, Nicolaos, DTU
  • Eecen, Peter, ECN
  • Heggelund, Yngve, CMR
  • Kvamsdal, Trond, NTNU
  • Madsen, Peter Hauge, DTU
  • Merz, Karl, SINTEF Energi AS
  • Munduate, Xabier, CENER
  • Muskulus, Michael, NTNU
  • Nielsen, Finn Gunnar, UiB
  • Nygaard, Tor Anders, IFE
  • Reuder, Joachim, UiB
  • Robertson, Amy, NREL
  • Sperstad, Iver Bakken, SINTEF
  • Tande, John Olav, SINTEF
  • Uhlen, Kjetil, NTNU
  • Van Wingerde, Arno, Fraunhofer IWES
  • Van Bussel, Gerard, TU Delft
  • Økland, Ole David, SINTEF

Research Partners

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NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology

In cooperation with

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Fraunhofer IWES - Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology