Poster Sessions

Poster session 1 - June 3


Rana Israel et al. Behaviour of silicided graphite crucibles under an oxidizing atmosphere and in contact with liquid silicon
Jing Cai et al. Removal of boron and metal impurities by a metallurgical refining process from MG-Si
Lang Zhou et al. Carbide Precipitates and Their Behavior in Metallurgical Grade Silicon
Marisa Di Sabatino et al.

FoXy-Development of solar-grade silicon feedstock for crystalline

 Wen-hui Ma et al. Investigation of direct electrolytic reduction of solid SiO2 to high purity Si
Qihui Ye et al. Removing Boron from metallurgical grade silicon by acid leaching
Qiwen Luo et al. Study on removal of boron in metallurgical grade silicon by slagging and hydrometallurgy
Stephan Riepe et al. Crystallization of multicrystalline block material from upgraded metallurgical silicon for solar cell applications
C.M Yang Removal of Phosphorus from Metallurgical Grade Silicon by Acid Leaching
Songsheng Zheng et al. Phosphorus Removal from Metallurgical-Grade Silicon at Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace
Arjan Ciftja et al. Filtration with foam filters
 M Javidi Polysilicon Production: Metal Reduction of SiCl4 and UMG Routes


Ivo Costa et al.  Segregation of impurities in floating molten zone silicon ribbon processes
Markus Zschorsch et al. Bridgman type solidification of multi-crystalline silicon influenced by a travelling magnetic field
Vladimir Kalaev Optimization of czochralski si single crystal growth using computer modeling
M. Beaudhuin et al. Nucleation and growth of SiC and equiaxed Si during photovoltaic silicon solidification
Xuejiang Chen Simulation for point defects in unidirectional solidified
Dalaker, H. et al. The solulbility of nitrogen in liquid silicon equilibrated
Dalaker, H. et al. The behaviour of nitrogen during the directional solidification of multicrystalline silicon ingots
Nikolai Durnev Nikolai Durnev, Numerical simulation of crystallization dynamics by directional solidification
K. Ellingsen et al. Analysis of thermally induced stresses and deformations in directionally solidified silicon ingots in silica and silicon nitride crucibles
 A.M. Lankhorst CFD modeling and experimental characterization of multicrystalline silicon process
 E. Flahaut Wetting, infiltration and sticking phenomena in Si3N4 releasing coatings in the growth of photovoltaic silicon
Moez Jomäa

Numerical study of heat transfer and melt flow in continuous czochralski process for silicon crystal growth

Koichi Kakimoto Numerical investigation of solidification process of multi-crystalline silicon grown by directional solidification method
Fatoumata Santara Study of segregation in silicon in presence of turbulent electromagnetic mixing
Christian Martin et al. Detrimental effect of alkaline impurities on fused silica crucible during
A. Nadri Modelisation of the twin structure in multicrystalline photovoltaic silicon ingots
R. Einhaus et al. Monitoring of mc-Silicon ingot crystallisation process by optical characterization of grain size distribution

Poster Session 2 - June 4

Defect engineering

Aisuo Pang et al. Experimental research for the effect of laser radiation on polysilicon wafer
Miao Pan et al. Phosphorus gettering purification of polysilicon
Arve Holt et al. A comparative study of electrical properties of silicon made from metallurgical route and from chemical route
Kai Tang  Grain boundary segregation of impurity in polycrystalline silicon
Yutaka Tokuda et al. Implantation temperature dependence of defect production rates in hydrogen-implanted n-type silicon
J. Friedrich et al. Influencing the sic- and si3n4-precipitate formation during directional solidification of multi-crystalline silicon by using different growth velocities
Jeyanthinath Mayandi et al. Investigation of P gettering and annealing in multicrystalline Si wafers
Satoshi Uda et al. Enhancement of Ga doping in Czochralski-grown Si crystal by B- or Ge- codoping
K. M. Yeh et al. Crystal growth of high quality multicrystalline silicon by grain control
Alexander Ulyashin Hydrogen enhanced doping of silicon substres for solar cells by oxygen related donors

Material Properties

Julien Cochard et al. Constitutive modeling of silicon: parameters identification of classical models using crystal plasticity
S. Gouttebroze et al.

Analysis of multi-crsytalline silicon deformation during 4-point bending

R. S. Hockett,

Solar grade Si feedstock evaluation using GDMS and SIMS

Madeleine Hystad et al. The distribution and impact of chromium in compensated SoG-Si
Thomas Kaden et al. The impact of dislocations on the efficiency of multicrystalline silicon solar cells
Nikolay Sobolev Luminescence analysis of radiative and nonradiative recombination in Si solar cells
Ole Martin Løvvik et al. Shear stress in crystalline silicon from ab initio calculations
Chiara Modanese et al. Investigation of bulk properties of compensated SoG-Si ingots
A. Belyaev et al. Breakage reduction in solar cell manufacturing using resonance ultrasonic vibrations inspection
Javier Gutiérrez  et al. Stress in commercial mc-si wafers for PV applications: a micro-raman spectroscopy study
Jun Tian et al. Microwave assisted volatilization of silicon as fluoride for the trace boron determination in polycrystalline silicon by ICP-AES

Published April 1, 2009