The installation of automatic meter reading (AMR) will give the power grid companies far more insight in the state of the distribution grid. There is still a need for models and algorithms that extract information from the AMR data that again can be used to make better decisions regarding planning, grid operation or asset management.

Distribution Management Systems (DMS) are expected to play an important role in real time operation and decision support. DMS tools should be able to utilize and manage new data to increase control room and field personnel system situational awareness. The traditional SCADA/DMS systems need to be adapted to collect, process and present the steadily increasing monitoring data volume taken from a plethora of different data sources.

CINELDI aims to test and verify solutions that utilize real-time and historical AMR and grid data for asset management, planning, and grid operation purposes. In order to achieve this solutions and technologies needs to be tested in reel environments.

Pilot projects: