CINELDI International Cooperation

International cooperation in research activities

In Smart grid development and asset management (WP1), there is an ongoing cooperation with University of Cagliari regarding a case study in the SPREAD tool on planning of active distribution networks.

Smart grid operation (WP2) have had a visit from a guest researcher from University of Passau, related to COST action CA15127 RECODIS, in cooperation with NTNU IIK (department of information security and communication technology), on the topic «Dependability of cyber-physical system under disaster events» (case: smart grid). A joint paper is under preparation.

In Interaction DSO/TSO (WP3), researchers have participated in four meetings in the CIGRE WG6 C6/C2.34 "Flexibility provision from distributed energy resources". WP3 has also had cooperation with the H2020 project SmartNet.

Microgrids (WP4) had visits from two exchange students (PhD) within microgrids. There has also been cooperation with an associated PhD student in the COPE project. A cooperation between Dehli Technological University (DTU), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Dehli) and NTNU on PhD exchange is being planned. Two PhD students from IIT-Dehli have visited NTNU for one month in 2019. WP4 is also in contact with IMDEA in Spain regarding access to their facilities in Madrid and experiences with harmonic compensator related to harmonic sharing in parallel-connected inverters.

In Flexible resources in the power system (WP5) there is cooperation with European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) in JP Smart Grids, sub program for Energy Storage related to techno-economic benefit of stationary energy storage in the grid. SINTEF Energi and NTNU participates together with VTT, Fraunhofer, AIT and DTU (Denmark).

Flexible resources in the power system (WP5) lead Magnus Korpås was on research stay at MIT Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems in 2019, and parts of the research conducted there is related to WP5, i.a. optimization of energy storage.

In Smart grid scenarios and transition strategies (WP6) there has been some cooperation with the EU project PAN-T-ERA, which started in 2019.

EU cooperation: H2020, ERA-NET and EERA

CINELDI has established cooperation with several EU H2020 projects and has also contributed in several applications to the program. Further, CINELDI is invited to National Advisory Board for the Smart City project +CityxChange.

CINELDI cooperates with EERA JP Smartgrids to arrange their board meeting in connection to the CINELDI conference in Trondheim in April 2020. Conference contributions from EERA has also been planned.

India-Norway and China-Norway cooperation

CINELDI cooperates with the ROME project, financed under the India-Norway program, regarding planning and operation of microgrids.

CINELDI also contributes in applications with other FMEs to the MOST call under the China-Norway program: the projects ChiNo-ZEN and KeyTech-NeVe- ChiNo. Both is granted funding.

Participation in international fora

Active participation in international standardisation bodies, networks and expert groups is strategically important for influencing the development within Smart Grids through knowledge sharing, innovation and standardisation. CINELDI partners are participating in various international fora:

  • IEC TC8, IEC System Committee Smart Energy, and CENELEC TC8X: Kjell Sand is a member of the
  • International Standardisation Committees
  • Mission Innovation: Kjell Sand is a Norwegian representative in the Mission Innovation challenge no 1 - #IC1 on Smart Grids on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, the Research Council of Norway and FME CINELDI.
  • ETIP SNET: Grete Coldevin is co-chair in the National Stakeholders Coordination Group.
  • ETIP SNET: Andrei Z. Morch member of WG5 "Innovation implementation in the business environment"
  • ISGAN: Hans Terje Ylvisåker is the regular member, while Grete Coldevin is the alternate member of the Executive Committee on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.
  • EERA JP Smart Grids, SP on Energy Storage: Magnus Korpås is a sub-task leader for Economic evaluation of energy storage.
  • EERA JP Smart Grids: SINTEF Energi (Knut Samdal) is the leader of SP5 "Flexible Transmission Networks" and member of the Steering Committee
  • EERA JP Energy System Integration: Olav Fosso is NTNUs representative.
  • CIRED: Gerd Kjølle and Oddbjørn Gjerde are members of the Working Group on Resilience of Distribution Grids.
  • CIRED: Dag Eirik Nordgård is a member of the Directing Committee
  • CIGRE: Dag Eirik Nordgård is a member of the Study Committee C6 Distribution systems and Dispersed generation.
  • CIGRE JWG C6/C2.34 "Flexibility provision": Hanne Sæle and Andrei Morch are members of the working group.