CINELDI has the ambition to establish itself as an international reference project on distribution grids for the future. Extensive international cooperation will enable CINELDI to:

  • Stay informed about emerging topics and promising methodologies under development.
  • Give researchers in CINELDI access to and advice from the leading researchers in their field.
  • Get access to laboratory resources not available in Norway and data from international demonstration projects.
  • Participate in future international research projects.
  • Disseminate research results and build international recognition.

International collaborating partners in CINELDI

Research organisations/Universities:

  • AIT (Austria)
  • CentraleSupelec (France)
  • DTU (Denmark)
  • Fraunhofer (Germany)
  • Michigan Tech (USA)
  • NEDO (Japan)
  • Sandia (USA)
  • Strathclyde (UK)
  • Tecnalia (Spain)
  • Tokyo Inst. of Technology (Japan)
  • TU Munich (Germany)
  • University of Cagliari (Italy)
  • VTT (Finland)

Smart grid alliances:

  • EERA
  • GSGF

CINELDI has established an international Scientific Committee.