Internal Cooperation

One of the keys to success in CINELDI is partner cooperation and knowledge sharing. Thanks to our multidisciplinary research platform the R&D partners cooperate closely in all WPs.  In CINELDI, we are proud to have active partners, putting in hard work and dedication towards our joint goals. Having partners representing all areas of the electricity grid business sector gives us a strong platform to develop the future grid.

Pilot projects, Consortium days and Webinars

In addition, it is crucial to create arenas for our partners to build network to discuss and share experiences. This builds a strong consortium with a high level of trust. The partners in CINELDI meet twice a year for Consortium days and workshops. In addition, we host frequent webinars where we present and discuss research results. These webinars have high attendance. Pilot projects represent a very important arena for cooperation between researchers and user partners.

The partners are the experts

The partners are integrated in CINELDI’s work process. For example, representatives from the whole centre are involved in idea generation, activities, planning and reviews. Partners are involved through discussion of new ideas at workshops, as well as dedicated expert groups within each WP. The WPs actively use the expert groups every year when they develop their work plans.

International Cooperation

CINELDIs research partners collaborate with institutions and organizations in Europe and elsewhere, including Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Greece, Germany, Austria, Romania, Netherlands, Finland, China, France, Australia, India, the UK and the US.

CINELDI is part of several EU H2020 projects like PANTERA, eNeuron, FlexPlan, CyberSec4Europe and STOP-IT. In addition, CINELDI has contributed in many applications to both EU H2020 and Horizon Europe.

Several key researchers in CINELDI are active in international organizations and contribute to international conferences with key notes and round tables, and participation in working groups. Examples of these are EERA (European Energy Research Alliance) - JP Smartgrids, SP Transmission and SP Energy Storage, IEC, the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET), IEA and AMC e-Energy, and conferences like CIGRE and CIRED, PMAPS and IEEE SmartGridComm.