Short presentation of CIGRE

CIGRE is a permanent non-governmental and non profit-making International Association based in France. It was founded in 1921.

CIGRE is a collaborative global community sharing knowledge and expertise. Across the world thousands of power system professionals are taking time out from their jobs in the industry and volunteering their time to collaboratively share their knowledge and experiences for the greater good of the industry.

This unique community is underpinned by a global network of 60 CIGRE organisations referred to as the National Committees, or NCs.

This wide geographic spread, combined with a variety of established experts, experienced practitioners and young professionals, enables CIGRE to offer the most diverse range of power system perspectives and experiences available from any organisation.

Information on how CIGRE is organized, and how it works, is found at the CIGRE website



Trond Magne Ohnstad fra Statnett fikk utdelt Elkraftprisen for 2019.