8th International Conference on
in the Oil & Gas, Metallurgical and Process Industries

Trondheim, Norway 21-23 June 2011


Author Information

The Proceedings of the Conference will be published on CD-ROM.

Remember to register for the conference. You must register and pay the conference fee to be listed in the programme and have your paper in the proceedings.

The early registration date is May 1, after which the fee increases.

Return an updated version of the abstract. Include the number assigned to your paper also on the abstract and update the title and author list if that has changed. You should use this template.
Name the file: Abstract-CFD08-XXX.ext (e.g. Abstract-CFD08-XXX.doc)

The Scientific Committee of the Sixth International Conference on CFD in the Oil and Gas, Metallurgical and Process Industries will evaluate all submitted full papers, with each paper being independently refereed by at least two international experts in the field.

Authors should note the list of Deadlines.

Deadline for receipt of the full paper is: March 10th 2008.

Paper Submission

For refereeing, an electronic copy of the paper is required. The electronic copy should preferably be in Word format and be emailed to:

Authors are also required to complete the copyright release form and return it by mail (or scan the signed copy and e-mail) to:

Jan Erik Olsen
SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
N-7465 Trondheim

Instructions for authors


The template file in Word format must be used by the authors in order to prepare their papers for CFD2008. It is required that the authors only use the provided template and comply with its format (font, spacing, etc.). Authors using LaTeX or other text processing programmes should also comply with the paper format provided in the template. Any questions may be addressed to .

A limit of 10 pages applies.


The paper should be in English and contain the following elements in the order shown:

• Title
• Author names and affiliation
• Abstract
• Keywords
• Nomenclature
• Main text
• Acknowledgements
• References
• Appendices

Page setup

Paper size: A4.

Layout : double column of width 80mm with 10mm between columns (as in template file).
Margins: top, right, left :20 mm, bottom: 15 mm.


The title should be concise and clearly reflect the contents of the paper.
It should be in bold, centred, 12-point Arial All Caps font.
The title must not exceed two lines.

Author name(s) and affiliation(s)

The author name(s) and affiliation(s) should be centred below the title, in Arial 9-point bold font. The authors’ names should be listed in sequence, separated by commas, in one line if possible. The corresponding author should be indicated with an asterisk (*) following the surname in all caps format. The presenting author’s name should be underlined.

Author affiliations should appear in centred, 9-point Arial font. Affiliations should include mailing address. If different authors have different affiliations, then the affiliations should appear in sequence below the author names. Superscript of numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.) should be used to relate the author and the corresponding affiliations (see template for clarification). For authors with more than one affiliation, superscript alphabets should be used to indicate the secondary affiliation, which should appear in the footer of the page.

The corresponding author’s e-mail address should appear in centred, 8-point Arial font. Leave one line in 8-point Arial font between this line and the last affiliation line.

Leave 5 lines in 9-point Times New Roman font beneath the e-mail address before the Abstract starts.

Header and Footer

Footer for all pages is page number in centred 9-point Times New Roman.

First page header is provided in the template.
In the field to the right, the paper ID (CFD08-paper number) should be given. You will receive your paper ID in an e-mail from the secretary of the conference. Paper ID should appear in italic 9-point Times New Roman, justified right in the field.

Even pages
In the header appears name(s) of the author(s) with first name(s) abbreviated (see the template). The text should be in centred 9-point italic Times New Roman.

Odd pages
In the header appears the title of the article / paper ID in centred 9-point italic Times New Roman (see the template).


The abstract should give a clear indication of the objective, scope and results of the study presented in the paper. The abstract must not exceed 150 words and should appear in justified 9-point Times New Roman font.


Under abstract comes “Keywords:” in bold, 9-point Arial font. Follow this line with a list of 3-5 keywords or phrases that best describes the work being discussed in the paper. Keywords should appear in 9-point Times New Roman font.


Nomenclature should be listed in alphabetic order with the English symbols following the Greek symbols. It should include list of all notations used in the formulations together with
their SI units. All symbols must be italic (a, f, ρ, μ, etc.). Use regular bold letters for vector quantities (u, F, etc.).


All text in the article must appear in justified, 10-point Times New Roman.
The text should be divided into sections (starting with introduction) describing the objectives, the description of the problem, the method of solution and any other relevant information. The text should also include “results and discussions” and “conclusions” sections. SI units should be used throughout.

Figures and tables

Figures and tables should be embedded in the text and should appear as close as possible after the first reference to them. Font size for text in tables should be 9. Figures should be clear and the text used in the figures must be sufficiently legible. Authors are encouraged to include colour figures.

Both figures and tables should be numbered consecutively and have a caption beneath them (justified left). Use “Figure” and “Table” for caption title in 9-point, bold, Times New Roman and 9-point, Times New Roman for caption text.
Tables and figures which extend over the whole width of the page should be placed either at the top or bottom of the page.

Heading and Subheadings

All headings should appear in 10-point, bold, all caps, Arial font.

Subheadings may be used to divide the subject in any given into logical parts. All subheadings should appear in 10-point, bold, Arial font (see the template). Sub-subheadings (mainly, title of equations) should appear in 10-point, italic, Times New Roman font (see the template).


Equations should be numbered consecutively beginning with (1). The number should be set flush right in the column. Equations must be typed in 10-point, italic, Times New Roman font.


Individuals and institutions that have made a significant contribution to the contents of the paper may be acknowledged.


References must follow the style indicated in the attached example.


Animated result files can be included in the CD-ROM. Animated result files should be in either mpeg or avi format. Multiple animations can be included but the total size of animations and the paper must not exceed 7 MB. A brief title string for each animation should also be provided in the Appendix section of the paper

Published January 17, 2008


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