CFD 10th International Conference on COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS in the Oil & Gas, Metallurgical and Process Industries, Trondheim, Norway 17-19 June 2014

Pragmatic industrial modelling

Seminar on pragmatic industrial modeling.

In CFD2014 we invite to a half day seminar on pragmatic industrial modeling. This topic has been raised as a result of the observations that CFD often has a limited or no capability to analyze a complete process. In the oil industry we have pipelines which are tens or hundreds of kilometers, with timescale ranging from seconds to months or years. This cannot be analyzed with CFD, and we need to resort to more pragmatic approaches. By simplifying the models, using lumped models, cutting away phenomena that are not important, reducing the geometry from 3D to 2D, 2D to 1D, or even down to 0D, we foresee a hierarchy of pragmatic models – and interlinked models - which in the most simplified versions will compute very fast but with limited accuracy. In this approach the model reductions should be supported by rigorous analyses (sufficiently rigorous). A process control system for an industrial process would typically be seen as a reduced order and high level pragmatic model, and with large industrial relevance.

We encourage submission of papers which can stimulate discussions about development of pragmatic industrial models:

  • modeling strategies, approaches and requirements
    • how CFD alone can be used as a pragmatic modeling tool
    • how CFD can be used to support development of reduced order models such as system control and system analyses tools
  • analytical and modeling procedures – verified on practical industrial cases 
  • modeling frameworks, tools and environments for solving industrial flow related problems 

Published October 24, 2013