SP5 - Knowledge transfer and innovation

Terese Løvås 

SP5 Leader,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology


The main purposes of SP5 are:

  • The development of educational structures to train the next generation of bioenergy researchers,
  • To enhance the communication about CenBio activities both at scientific level, and to the general population,
  • The management of the CenBio innovations to better support the development of the bioenergy industry.


WP5.1 – Bioenergy Graduate School - Leader: Terese Løvås

WP5.2 – Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination - Leader: Odd Jarle Skelhaugen 

WP5.3 – Innovation Management - Leader: Mette Bugge 


CenBio innovations completed since the beginning of the Centre:


More information on the research activities can be found in the latest CenBio Annual Report.


Published August 3, 2017