SP4 - Sustainability analysis

Birger Solberg 

SP4 Leader,
Norwegian University of Life Science


SP4 focuses on the establishment of documentation on the markets for forest biomass and the sustainability of bioenergy value chains. SP4 is divided between extended Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), ecosystem management, and work on costs, markets, policies and integrated sustainability analyses. 

WP4.1 - Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) - Leader: Francesco Cherubini


Among the highlights from SP4 in 2015, the following one from WP4.2 should be mentioned:

Effects of stem-only and whole-tree harvesting on ground vegetation plant species diversity and their cover were investigated as outlined in the below section for WP4.2. An overall loss of ground vegetation biodiversity was induced by harvesting and there was a shift in cover of dominant species, with negative effects for bryophytes and dwarf shrubs and an increase of graminoid cover. Differences between the two harvesting methods at both sites were mainly due to the residue piles and the physical damage made during the harvesting of residues in these piles.


More information on the research activities can be found in the latest CenBio Annual Report. 

Published July 29, 2016