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STOP Handbook 

STOP is a KMB project dealing with STable OPeration conditions for biomass combustion plants, which started in 2010 as a spin-off project from FME CenBio. handbook was published to summarize the project and show the main project results. The focus is especially set on how torrefaction works and the potential of applying such process to biomass.

You can find the handbook here and the STOP website here. (2013-12-17)


Two UMB researchers awarded for the best journal paper in Climate Policy

The renown journal Climate Policy announced recently that the researcher Hanne K. Sjølie and Professor Birger Solberg from UMB were awarded the Schlamadinger Price of the year 2013 for the best journal paper on climate change, forestry, land use and bioenergy. Both scientists are greatly involved in CenBio and took part in more than 10 journal papers published through CenBio so far. More info here (in Norwegian). Photos: Top - Prof. Birger Solberg (credits: Håkon Sparre), Bottom - Research Scientist Hanne K. Sjølie (credits: Elin Judit Straumsvaag). (2013-11-20)


CenBio Strategic Day 2013 

More than 50 CenBio members took part in the CenBio Strategic Day 2013. The purpose of this day was mainly to discuss the strategy to adopt in the next year's work plan and for the next 3 years and beyond. The user partners were strongly represented and had the opportunity to express their needs and expectations directly with the rest of the CenBio members. It was also another occasion to strengthen the links between the researchers from Ås and Trondheim who are working together in CenBio.

You can find the agenda here. (2013-11-03)


A new Coordinator at the head of CenBio
Welcome to Berta Matas Guell (SINTEF Energy Research), who replaces Marie Bysveen as the Centre Coordinator since 1 October. (2013-10-07)

The agenda for the CenBio Strategic Day 2013 is now available
CenBio organizes the CenBio Strategic Day on 31 October 2013 in Trondheim from 10:00 to 16:30.
All CenBio research and user partners are kindly invited. 
The Strategic Day will give us the opportunity to discuss four strategic topics:

  • Status after the midterm evaluation
  • Preparing the final 3 years and beyond 
  • Value Chain Assessment (SP6): progress and ideas for 2014 
  • Annual Work Plan 2014 for all research activities 
You can find the agenda here. (2013-10-03)


FME midterm evaluation by NFR: CenBio passes and goes for 3 more years!
The midterm evaluation is a necessary assessment from the Norwegian Research Council for all the FMEs after the first 4 years of existence. For each of them, financial support was secured for the first 5 years and the support for the 3 last years was conditioned by the midterm evaluation. The results have finally been revealed: CenBio will keep going for the next three years! Despite a few adjustments suggested by the evaluation panel to optimize the Centre, the comments are very positive and rewarding. More details can be found here (in Norwegian) (2013-06-19)

BiogasFuel: A new biogas project at Ås Campus funded by EnergiX (RCN)
BiogasFuel (Biogas from organic residues and livestock manure as a vehicle fuel) is a new biogas project lead by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) that will start up in 2014 and run for three years. Partners in the project are Bioforsk, Cambi, Oslo EGE, FREVAR, Norges Bondelag and Avfall Norge. The main goal of the project is to maximize biogas yields to improve the role of biogas as a vehicle fuel substitute and thus reducing the CO2 emissions in the transport sector. An important part of the project is increased process understanding and control by detailed characterization of the microbial community in biogas reactors. This will include studies of two full scale biogas plants run by Oslo EGE and FREVAR. The research carried out in BiogasFuel will be complementary to the biogas activities in CenBio. (2013-06-19)

BioCarb+: A spin-off from CenBio gets funding from EnergiX (RCN)
BioCarb is a KPN project engaging jointly SINTEF Energy Research, NTNU, NFLI and Hawaii University, with a number of industrial partners. The overall objective of this project is the development of new strategies for use of low-grade biomass resources for biocarbon (BC) production and conversion for energy purposes. The whole value chain, from the resources to the end-use applications and environmental aspects, is included in the project. The target is BC for cost-effective, small-scale and environmental and climate friendly energy use. (2013-06-17)

Can biofuel be used in airplanes?
This is the topic discussed in a recent article from Teknisk Ukeblad. A report on biofuel for aviation has been ordered by Avinor, SAS, Norwegian and NHO luftfart. The journalist interviewed Berta Matas Guell, research manager at SINTEF Energy Research, specialist on the topic. (2013-06-12)

A CenBio partner makes international headlines
In an article from New York Times (both online and in print) entitled "A City That Turns Garbage Into Energy Copes With a Shortage", EGE Oslo Waste-to-Energy (WtE) activities, including import of waste, are detailed and their energy and environmental benefits praised. The future of the WtE business at the European level is also discussed in depth with several interesting insights from EGE Oslo. In short, a must-read! (2013-05-30)

EGE Waste plant

CenBio Annual Report 2012 available for download
The report contains an extensive description of all the activities carried out in 2012 within CenBio. The CenBio Annual Report 2012 can be downloaded here. (2013-05-06)

Bioenergy Innovation Award 2013
Solør Bioenergi is the winner of the Bioenergy Innovation Award 2013, awarded on 11 April, during the CenBio-days, in Trondheim. Solør Bioenergi has succeeded in exploiting new possibilities to develop profitable activities, which has made them one of Norway's leading operators within the field of bioenergy. The winner has demonstrated that it is possible to establish and operate biomass-based CHP plants in Norway in a cost-effective manner, by recognising and optimally exploiting synergy effects in the market. The company sets an example for others who want to establish biomass-based CHP plants in Norway. The committee's citation (2013-04-16)

Top biofuels from the forest ground
SINTEF Energy Research senior researcher Øyvind Skreiberg offers a great overview of the status of torrefaction in Norway through an interview published in Gemini (in Norwegian) (2013-04-12)

Agenda for the CenBio Days 2013
The agenda for the CenBio Days 2013 is now available. Day 1 is for CenBio-members only, while Day 2 is open to all interested participants. The Bioenergy Innovation Award 2013 will be granted on Day 2. Online registration can be done here - first click on "User registration if you are not yet registered into the SINTEF system, then choose "CenBio" under "Seminars". (2013-04-04)

COST Training School 2013

COST Training School – Forest Fuel Quality Assurance
The registration for the 6th Training School 2013 from COST is open now! The Training School will take place at Campus Ås (Norway), on 9-15 June 2013 and is supported by CenBio. The focus is set on forest fuel quality assurance. The participants will be provided with knowledge of existing standards, inherent fuel properties, different sampling methods for analyses, field sampling, bio-refinery concepts and users, etc. More info can be found here. (2013-04-03)

"Best of CenBio" has been released
After four years of research activities, a few examples of stories involving successful collaborations between CenBio research scientists and user partners have been gathered in a booklet. The booklet is addressed to everyone and reveals in an understandable manner some of the outstanding achievements from the Centre. You can download it here. (2013-03-20)


Improving the wood market
Today, firewood for woodstoves is often sold by volume, for instance by 40 or 60-liter bags. This does not represent the true energy content of what the consumer buys. Skog-og-Landskap Research scientist Simen Gjølsjø defends the benefits for both buyers and sellers to label the firewood with actual weight, humidity and number of kilowatt-hours. See the full article on (2013-02-19) 

CenBio Days 2013 - April 10-11th in Trondheim
The annual CenBio Days conference will be arranged on April 10-11th 2013 in Trondheim. Day 1 is for CenBio-members only, while Day 2 is open to all interested participants. Registration is necessary. The Bioenergy Innovation Award will be granted on Day 2. More info will come within the next weeks. (2013-02-18)

12-hour Wood Marathon on NRK1 and NRK2 on Friday 15th February 2013
Friday night you can enjoy a full evening dedicated to wood burning on your TV with NRK. At 19:40 starts "Norge rundt" on NRK1, before "Nasjonal Vedkveld" starts on NRK2 at 20:00. SINTEF Research scientist Morten Seljeskog and Skog-og-Landskap Research scientist Simen Gjølsjø will demonstrate some of the knowledge acquired through CenBio. You can replay the TV-programme here. (2013-02-14) 

Statkraft Varme in Ås: the heat comes
The new district heating plant from Statkraft Varme rises in Ås's campus (Norway). The environment friendly heat production from the plant is scheduled to start by September 2013. More information can be found here (in Norwegian). (2013-01-31) 

Statkraft Varme district heating plant in Ås


Bioenergy Innovation Award 2013
The call for proposals of candidates to the Bioenergy Innovation Award 2013 is now open! The Bioenergy Innovation Award was established three years ago by CenBio to stimulate and reward knowledge-based innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of bioenergy. More information can be found in the official announcement (in Norwegian). (2013-01-22)

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