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SINTEF Seminar
A seminar on wood firing was arranged by SINTEF on Tuesday 4th December 2012 in Oslo. The seminar covered the entire chain from wood production and most effective ways to use woodstoves, to the work on optimisation of furnaces. The presentations (in Norwegian) held during the seminar can be found here. (2012-12-14)



Bioenergy Innovation Award 2012
CAMBI ASA is the winner of the Bioenergy Innovation Award 2012. CAMBI develops, markeds and constructs efficient processing plants for production of biogas from wet organic waste and biomass derived from decontaminated sewage sludge. Leading customers regard their technology as the best available (BAT), and 26 plants have been sold in several countries. The prize was awarded 19 January, during the CenBio-days, at Ås. Further information. (2012-01-25)

Published January 23, 2014

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