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CenBio partner EGE Oslo and CenBio researcher on French/German TV

The interview was hosted by EGE Oslo (active industry partner of CenBio) and dealt with advanced waste treatment and conversion to energy. CenBio researcher Michael Becidan (SINTEF Energy Research) was interviewed by the French/German TV channel Arte to comment on Oslo's system to convert waste into energy. (2014-12-15)

Paulo Borges's PhD defence

Paulo Borges worked as a PhD student at NMBU on the following topic: "Improved models and methods for solving temporal and spatial harvest activities in forest planning". He was funded by CenBio (WP1.1) and Prof. Tron Eid (NMBU) was his main supervisor and Dr. Even Bergseng (NMBU) and Prof. Terje Gobakken (NMBU) were his co-supervisors. He defended his PhD thesis on Friday 14 November 2014 at Ås Campus.

His trial lecture took place on the same day, on the topic: "A Survey of Spatial Constraints in Landscape Planning". More info can be found here. (2014-11-14)


Results from CenBio research published in Nature Climate Change

CenBio researchers from NTNU's group lead by Prof. Anders H. Strømman published a journal article in Nature Climate Change entitled "Linearity between temperature peak and bioenergy CO2 emissions rates".

This article comes as a consecration after more than 30 journal publications within CenBio from the NTNU Industrial Ecology group working on Extended Life Cycle Assessment. The topic discussed here especially relates to the biomass turnover time, which is an essential parameter to account for when dealing with CO2 emissions from bioenergy.

You can find the full abstract and article here. (2014-10-09)

Last chance to register to the CenBio Strategic Days 2014!

All CenBio research and user partners are kindly invited. You can find the agenda here.

Online registration (2014-10-01)


Fjernvarmedagene on 14-15 October

Last year, Fjernvarmedagene (District Heating days) gathered about 250 industry professionals, politicians, and environmental enthusiasts.  

This year, on the programme: two days of exhibitions, guided tours to world class district heating facilities, discussions and presentations! 

Fjernvarmedagene is Norway’s largest annual district heating event. Meet Mr. Paul Voss, director of Euroheat & Power, Mr. Tord Lien, the Norwegian Minister of Energy, and Ms. Guri Melby, Oslo's Commissioner for Environment and Transport, among many others. 

This year, for the first time, we include a side event in English in cooperation with the Research Council of Norway.

You can find more info here. (2014-09-22)

WSED Next: Young Researchers' Conference

Young Researchers’ Conference about Energy Efficiency and Biomass will be held in the context of the World Sustainable Energy Days 2015 on 25-26 February 2015 in Wels, Austria.

With more than 750 participants from over 50 countries each year, the World Sustainable Energy Days are one of Europe's largest annual conferences on sustainable energy.

The best 2 contributions are honoured with the awards "Best Young Researcher – Energy Efficiency" and "Best Young Researcher – Biomass". The researcher(s) will receive 1,000 Euro each as prize money.

Deadline for submissions: 10 October 2014

You can find more info here. (2014-09-09)


Infrared light irradiates the chips, while the instrument measures the reflected light. (Photo: Erik Larnøy)

CenBio is testing a method for instantaneous moisture measurement of wood chips

Today, accurate moisture measurements are performed by the traditional oven-dry method and the process lasts for about 24 hours. With this new NIR Spektron instrument, the results come within seconds! 

NFLI's researchers working within CenBio see many opportunities for the instrument. 

You can read more here. (2014-07-22)

CenBio Strategic Days 2014

CenBio organizes the second edition of the CenBio Strategic Days on 29-30 October 2014 in Gardermoen.
All CenBio research and user partners are kindly invited. The Strategic Days will start with an afternoon of visits of the bioenergy laboratories at Ås Campus. 
The following day will give us the opportunity to discuss three strategic topics:

  • Status of the Centre
  • Preparing the final 2 years and beyond 
  • Annual Work Plan 2015
You can find the agenda here. (2014-06-16)

CenBio professor contributes to the latest IPPC report

NTNU Professor Anders H. Strømman (CenBio SP5/6 Leader) contributed to the latest IPCC report (International Panel on Climate Change). He had a presentation for the Norwegian Ministry of Environment on 13 April 2014, treating of the influence of bioenergy in the mitigation of climate change. The work done through CenBio and the life cycle assessment of bioenergy in Norway was relied upon to draw his conclusions.

His presentation can be found here (both available as pdf file and video). (2014-04-25)

The presentations from the CenBio Days 2014 now available online

The presentations can be found by clicking directly on the presentation titles in the detailed agenda(2014-04-08)

Group picture from the CenBio Days 2014, while visiting Akershus Energi Park (Photo: CenBio)

CenBio Annual Report 2013 now available

The CenBio Annual Report 2013 contains an overview of the organization of the Centre, an extensive review of all the activities carried out in 2013 and also a list of all publications within CenBio. The report can be downloaded here. (2014-04-02)

Mjøsen Skog SA wins the Bioenergy Innovation Award 2014

During the CenBio Days 2014, the Bioenergy Innnovation Award 2014 was received from the hands of Rune Volla (Norges forskningsråd) by Erik A. Dahl, administrative director of Mjøsen Skog SA. 

The jury especially awarded Mjøsen Skog SA for the development and implementation of the ALLMA system, the first web-based GIS-system in Norway integrating up-to-date forestry plans with operative logistical functions. This sytem is an outstanding innovation and also an ideal solution for the company representing more than 3700 forest owners in Norway!

An interview of Erik A. Dahl has been published here (in Norwegian). (2014-04-01)

From left to right: Rune Volla, Berta Matas Güell, Erik A. Dahl and Odd Jarle Skjelhaugen (Photo: Alexis Sevault)

CenBio Ash Workshop coming soon!

Tuesday 27 May 2014 (09:30 to 17:30) at Radisson Blu hotel, Værnes

This free CenBio-sponsored miniseminar/workshop is for experience and knowledge sharing between Norwegian industry and R&D on the topic of ash.

More info and the agenda are available here. (2014-03-21)

Last days to register to the CenBio Days 2014

CenBio organises its annual conference, the CenBio Days, on 26-28 March in Lillestrøm. All three days are especially opened to CenBio researchers and user partners, but also to anyone else interested in bioenergy. 

The detailed agenda is available here. (2014-03-15)

Bioenergidagene 2014: the largest Norwegian bioenergy meeting

5.-6. May, Clarion Hotel Oslo Airport, Gardermoen 

Key politicians, professionals and industry people together create the special atmosphere you will not find anywhere else. This year, the conference will be held in Gardermoen. The first day will focus on value creation and industrial policies. Low electricity prices and a forest sector in crisis create major challenges for bioenergy industry in Norway. A number of stakeholders from industry and key politicians are invited to present new ideas and discuss a framework for bioenergy initiative. On the second day, you will get a rich academic programme and the opportunity to choose between several interesting excursions. Nobio welcomes you to the biggest and most important bioenergy meeting! 

More information about the programme and registration can be found here. (2014-03-12)

Dmitry Lysenko's PhD Defence

Dmitry Lysenko worked as a PhD student at NTNU on the following topic: "On numerical simulation of turbulent flows and combustion". He was funded by CenBio and Prof. Ivar S. Ertesvåg was his main supervisor and Kjell Erik Rian (ComputIT) his co-supervisor. He successfully defended his PhD thesis on Thursday 13 March 2014 in Totalrommet - Gløshaugen (Trondheim).

His trial lecture took place the same day, on the topic: "Gaseous combustion in industrial applications". More info can be found here. (2014-02-28)

Find a concept for the future and win 50 000 NOK!

"Grønn Fase" proposes a new kind of deal for the students and PhD students from Norwegian high schools and universities: come up with the best idea or concept that promotes environmentally-friendly energy and win 50 000 NOK!

Application deadline: 1 April 2014. More information can be found on the Grønn fase website (in Norwegian). (2014-02-27)

CenBio Days 2014

CenBio organises its annual conference, the CenBio Days, on 26-28 March in Lillestrøm. All three days are especially opened to CenBio researchers and user partners, but also to anyone else interested in bioenergy. The CenBio Days 2014 will give us an opportunity to learn and discuss on:

  • Technical topics
  • Communication on bioenergy research
  • Bioenergy research in the rest of the world
  • Opportunities for innovations
  • Challenges in bioenergy industry
  • Bioenergy value chains
  • CenBio foresight process

The detailed agenda is available here. (2014-01-28)

Cenbio opens the call for the Bioenergy Innovation Award 2014!

The call for proposals of candidates to the Bioenergy Innovation Award 2014 is now open! The Bioenergy Innovation Award was established four years ago by CenBio to stimulate and reward knowledge-based innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of bioenergy. More information can be found in the official announcement (in Norwegian). (2014-01-16)

NFLI has now an app for the Vedkalkulator!

Today, NFLI (Skog-og-Landskap) made one app available on the Google Play store under the name Vedkalkulator. The app informs the consumer about the true energy content of the wood they buy and gives a few tips to burn wood in the best environmental way. This is part of the work for CenBio performed by NFLI Research scientist Simen Gjølsjø to defend the benefits for both buyers and sellers to label the firewood with actual weight, humidity and number of kilowatt-hours. The app can be downloaded here. (2014-01-15)

CenBio researchers on NRK1 in FBI - Forbrukerinspektørene

Research scientists Morten Seljeskog (SINTEF Energy Research) and Simen Gjøsjø (NFLI) took part in the TV programme FBI - Forbrukerinspektørene showed on NRK1 on Wednesday 15 January 2014 at 19:45. The programme especially treats of the noxious emissions when people use woodstoves to get rid of milk boxes, newspapers, rubber gloves and other wastes. Which chemical compounds are formed and how do they affect nature and people? FBI - Forbrukerinspektørene is a Norwegian TV programme that provides tips and advice to consumers. Photo: Franziska Goile (2014-01-13)

Public defence of a CenBio-funded PhD student

Geoffrey Guest has worked as a PhD student at NTNU on the folowing topic: "The climate change impacts from biogenic carbon in products across time". He has been funded by CenBio and Prof. Anders H. Strømman has been his main supervisor. He will defend his PhD thesis on Friday 9 January 2014 in Rådsalen, Gløshaugen (Trondheim). More info can be found here. (2014-01-08)

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