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CenBio-days 18 - 19 January 2012
The annual CenBio-days will be arranged 18 - 19 January 2012 at Ås. The first day is for CenBio-members only, while the second day is open for those who are interested in participating. Registration is necessary. Check the programme. (2011-12-19)

3rd International Conference on Biomass and Waste Combustion
is arranged 24 - 25 April 2012 in London, UK. The Conference will focus mainly on the technical aspects of biomass and waste combustion. The Conferense is arranged by SINTEF, KEMA and Vattenfall.  Early bird until 15 Januar 2012. More information on the Conference website.

Renewable Energy Research Conference 2012 
This scientific conference is arranged Trondheim 16. - 17. april 2012, in Trondheim, and the focus is on renewable energy technologies. In addition to interesting lectures on general issues concerning renewable energy, there will be 13 detailed scientific parallel sessions. One session is devoted to bioenergy including heat, cooling and/or power generation from biomass. The conference is arranged by SFFE - Centre for renewable energy.

Bioenergy Innovation Award - Announcement
Proposals for candidates for the Bioenergy Innovation Award 2012 are requested. Last year CenBio introduced the “Bioenergy Innovation Award”, a national innovation award within stationary bioenergy. This award was established to stimulate and reward knowledge based innovation and entrepreneurship. Further information in the announcement. (2011-10-25)

Bioenergidagene 2011
The largest Norwegian bioenergy conference, "Bioenergidagene 2011", is arranged 7-8 November in Sarpsborg by Nobio. Programme and information on the Conference website. (2011-10-05)

Seminar on green certificates and biopower
A SINTEF-seminar with the title "Green certificates - new opportunities for biopower?" is arranged Thursday 13 October. The programme includes three presentations followed by a plenary discussion. The seminar is arranged in Oslo at 14-16, and the entrance is free. Programme and registration on the SINTEF website. (2011-09-16) 

 The Laudise Medal is awarded to CenBio researcher
Associate Professor Anders Hammer Strømman (NTNU/CenBio) has received the Laudise Medal. The Laudise Medal is awarded every second year by The International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE) to a researcher who has made an excellent contribution to research in industrial ecology in the early part of his or her career. 

The award was handed out by Professor Marian Chertow from Yale University during the ISIEs conference at UC Berkley in the beginning of June. The jury emphasized in their statement that Strømman has given a substantial contribution to improve the methodology for life cycle analysis. 
They also emphasized his work within environmental assessment of bioenergy and global production systems. Further information on the NTNU website. (2011-08-10)

National bioenergy award
The first Bioenergy Innovation Award was given to research scientist Edvard Karlsvik, SINTEF. He has been working on development of new combustion technology for wood stoves for 30 years, and has been an important person in the development of clean burning wood stoves. The award took place 18 January, during the CenBio days, in Trondheim. Further information. (2011-01-21)

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