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CenBio second "cooperation and planing" meeting (Ås, 26 November)
After a first successfull meeting between all the research partners (Trondheim, 22 October), this second meeting will continue to establish the framework of cooperation for 2010-2012. (2009-11-11)

Second International Conference on Biomass and Waste Combustion
"Second International Conference on Biomass and Waste Combustion" is arranged 16-17 February 2010 in Oslo. The Conference will focus mainly on the technical aspects of biomass and waste combustion. The Conferense is arranged by SINTEF, and results from the EU project NextGenBioWaste will be presented. Several full scale demonstrations of new technology are carried out supported by reseach activities. More information on the Conference website (2009-10-13).

Bioenergidagene 2009
The largest Norwegian bioenergy conference, "Bioenergidagene 2009", is arranged 23-24 November in Trondheim. The Conference is arranged by Nobio in co-operation with Trondheim Energi and SINTEF. Programme and information on the Conferense website  (2009-10-13).

Centre Management Team Meeting No2 
Friday 25 September the second Centre Management Team (CMT) meeting will take place (over the phone). (2009-09-25)

Centre Management Team Meeting No1 
Monday 17 August the first Centre Management Team (CMT) meeting will take place in Trondheim. (2009-08-14)

Executive Board meeting for CenBio
Wednesday 17 June the first Executive Board meeting will take place in Trondheim.

Kick-off meeting for CenBio
Friday 15 May all partners will meet for the first time at the CenBio kick-off meeting at Ås to officially inaugurate the start of CenBio. (2009-05-07)

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