Graduate School
Education is a corner stone of CenBio. This key aspect has been structured into the Bioenergy Graduate School (WP5.1) under the supervision of NTNU and NMBU.

Post-Doc., PhD students and Master students will graduate and therewith contribute to the writing of scientific publications and the development of innovations all along the life of the Centre. Research areas will cover all fields relevant to CenBio (thermal conversion, biomass supply, emissions, etc).

The Bioenergy Graduate School will, consist of PhD students, Master students and their supervisors with coordinated research and training activities. The activities of the Graduate School will, whenever possible, be open to students from other institutions. 

The activities of the Graduate School will include: study and research visits, intensive courses, seminars and information sharing.

In 2015, NMBU and NTNU offered five courses on Bioenergy at Master level. Please contact Terese Løvås for more information if interested.

Published December 8, 2015

Contact Terese Løvås for more information.

The Bioenergy Graduate School distributes information on relevant courses in bioenergy, both at NTNU and NMBU, as well as relevant courses elsewhere.

Master level

The two bioenergy courses are run in collaboration between NMBU and NTNU.   

All PhD courses at NTNU. 
All PhD courses at NMBU.  

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences