CenBio Final Conference: the programme is here!

CenBio – Bioenergy Innovation Centre – arranges its Final Conference on 13-14 March 2017 at Ås Campus. The Conference is open to everyone.

Proposed agenda for this year:

  • Status and results of the Centre
  • User partners' experience
  • International trends
  • Students and innovations
  • CenBio spinoff projects
  • Future utilisation of CenBio results


CenBio Conference Workshop

Sustainability of forest bioenergy: technological, climate and economic perspectives of the bioeconomy transition

Phasing off fossil fuels is mandatory to achieve ambitious climate change mitigation. Forest resources can be managed to enhance the transition to a bioeconomy.

The workshop present and discuss research in the field of technology improvements, integrated value chain analysis, climate change impacts and policy instruments for enabling a sustainable and cost-efficient bioeconomy.

  • Time: Tuesday 7 June, 13:00-16:50
  • Place: Amsterdam RAI, room G 105

(the room is located on the first floor - for reference the Exhibition is located at the ground floor)

See the Workshop Agenda.


Workshop: Get involved in the next H2020 bioenergy proposals

A Workshop/brokerage event on bioenergy is co-organised by the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) JP Bioenergy and the Norwegian Bioenergy Innovation Center "CenBio".

The objectives of the H2020 bioenergy workshop are:

  • Facilitate initiation of new H2020 bioenergy project proposals within the new SET-Plan Governance
  • Mobilize and engage European Centers of Excellence in the establishment of new H2020 bioenergy project proposals
  • Strengthen cooperation between EERA JP Bioenergy and European Bioenergy Centers of Excellence.

The event is organised 14-15 April 2016 in Brussels.

You can register here. Register deadline is 8 April.


CenBio Workshop on sustainability and energy efficiency in bioenergy production


CenBio arranges a workshop focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency in bioenergy production (see Agenda). Key speakers include representatives from both industry and R&D covering the entire value chain. The presentations will give an introduction to:

• Sustainability and energy efficiency strategies and objectives
• How the stakeholders are working towards the objectives
• How the work is funded
• What they have achieved during the past years.

There will be time for discussions where the ambition is to get answers to how the strategic and political objectives can be achieved as well as how the individual stakeholders can contribute. Members of industry and R&D sector are invited to contribute to effective and constructive discussions about sustainable and energy efficient bioenergy.

The event will take place on 22 Sept. 2015 at Gardermoen (Park Inn).

The report of the CenBio Workshop is available here.


CenBio – Bioenergy Innovation Centre – organizes the third edition of the CenBio Strategic Days on 28-29 October 2015 in Trondheim. Save the dates!
All CenBio research- and user partners are kindly invited.

Proposed agenda for this year:

  •  Conference day with focus on:
    • Status of the Centre
    • Discussions on the Annual Work Plan 2016, the final operating year of CenBio.
    • Display of SP6 results
  • Visit of the entrained flow gasifier in the brand new SINTEF Energy Lab (Blaklia)
  • Visit of the Statkraft Varme Waste-to-Energy facility in Heimdal
  • Dinner at the top of the new Scandic Lerkendal with breathtaking view over Trondheim



The agenda is available here.

Most of the presentations given at the CenBio Days 2015 are available. You can access them by clicking on the corresponding title in the agenda.

CenBio Days 2015 on 17-19 March


The CenBio Days 2015 gathered 60 people in March and gave the opportunity to learn and discuss on:

  • Technical topics
  • Challenges with legal aspects and standardization
  • Bioenergy research in the rest of the world
  • Bioenergy innovations

The Bioenergy Innovation Award 2015 was granted to Vincent Eijsink (NMBU) on Tuesday 17 March for his extensive work on the development of biogas solutions.

The third and last day was internal to CenBio and therefore open to CenBio members only.


CenBio Strategic Days 2014
CenBio organizes the second edition of the CenBio Strategic Days on 29-30 October 2014 in Gardermoen.
All CenBio research and user partners are kindly invited. The Strategic Days will start with an afternoon of visits of the bioenergy laboratories at Ås Campus. 
The following day will give us the opportunity to discuss three strategic topics:

  • Status of the Centre
  • Preparing the final 2 years and beyond 
  • Annual Work Plan 2015
You can find the agenda here. (2014-06-16)


CenBio Ash Workshop coming soon!

Tuesday 27 May 2014 (09:30 to 17:30) at Radisson Blu hotel, Værnes

This free CenBio-sponsored miniseminar/workshop is for experience and knowledge sharing between Norwegian industry and R&D on the topic of ash.

More info and the agenda are available here. (2014-03-21)

CenBio Days 2014

CenBio organises its annual conference, the CenBio Days, on 26-28 March in Lillestrøm. All three days are especially opened to CenBio researchers and user partners, but also to anyone else interested in bioenergy. The CenBio Days 2014 will give us an opportunity to learn and discuss on:

  • Technical topics
  • Communication on bioenergy research
  • Bioenergy research in the rest of the world
  • Opportunities for innovations
  • Challenges in bioenergy industry
  • Bioenergy value chains
  • CenBio foresight process

The detailed agenda is available here. (2014-01-28)

The agenda for the CenBio Strategic Day 2013 is now available
CenBio organizes the CenBio Strategic Day on 31 October 2013 in Trondheim from 10:00 to 16:30.
All CenBio research and user partners are kindly invited. 
The Strategic Day will give us the opportunity to discuss four strategic topics:

  • Status after the midterm evaluation
  • Preparing the final 3 years and beyond 
  • Value Chain Assessment (SP6): progress and ideas for 2014 
  • Annual Work Plan 2014 for all research activities 
You can find the agenda here. (2013-10-03)


Agenda for the CenBio Days 2013
The agenda for the CenBio Days 2013 is now available. Day 1 is for CenBio-members only, while Day 2 is open to all interested participants. The Bioenergy Innovation Award 2013 will be granted on Day 2. Online registration can be done here - first click on "User registration if you are not yet registered into the SINTEF system, then choose "CenBio" under "Seminars". (2013-04-04)

CenBio-days 18 - 19 January 2012
The annual CenBio-days will be arranged 18 - 19 January 2012 at Ås. The first day is for CenBio-members only, while the second day is open for those who are interested in participating. Registration is necessary. Check the programme. (2011-12-19)

CenBio Innovation workshop
The first CenBio Innovation workshop was arranged in Trondheim 17 November 2010. Further information in CenBio Newsletter No 2.

CenBio second "cooperation and planning" meeting (Ås, 26 November)
After a first successfull meeting between all the research partners (Trondheim, 22 October), this second meeting will continue to establish the framework of cooperation for 2010-2012. (2009-11-11)

Kick-off meeting for CenBio
Friday 15 May all partners will meet for the first time at the CenBio kick-off meeting at Ås to officially inaugurate the start of CenBio. (2009-05-07)