Joint efforts
With a combined turnover of some 1,230 billion EURO (2008) and a total of over 8,000 highly skilled staff, the three organizations are major contributors to international research on clean energy. They have regularly cooperated during the past 15 years for their own national and regional authorities, the European Commission and industry.

Policy preparation
The partners are represented in national, European and global expert groups, including EERA (European Energy Research Alliance), ZEP (Zero emissions platform) and CSLF (Carbon Storage Leadership Forum).

European Commission Framework Programmes
The partners participate in the European Commission’s Framework Programmes for Research and Development in the fields of:

Storage: CO2store, SACS, Geocapacity, CO2ReMoVe, CO2CARE, RECOPOL, CO2Geonet, SiteChar
Transport: COCATE, ECCO
 Intgrated value chain: COACH, Dynamis, ECCSEL

In partnership with industry
The members of the Alliance have teamed up with industrial partners to bring their research to the industrial implementation stage in Europe and worldwide, this also includes to support the development of SMEs.

Laboratories and test facilities and full-scale storage projects
The Alliance partners operate large laboratory facilities at several locations in France, The Netherlands and Norway. These facilities range from general analytical services to purpose-built test rigs and other specialised facilities. We have been and are active in full-scale storage projects, notably Sleipner and Snøhvit in the North Sea, In Salah in the Algerian Sahara and Lacq in France.

Arranging the global most prestigeous conferences on CCS, facilitating a meeting places for key stakeholders.

Photo: SINTEF/Roger Bjerkan

Published March 30, 2011

Developed by IFPEN, CooresTM software is aimed at assessing the long term effect of CO2 storage on a geological site.