The global ecosystem related to the development and use of batteries is in rapid development. BEACON is a network, which is now being established with the aim of securing our participation and strengthening Norway's role in this rapidly growing global value chain. Large and small enterprises, in addition to research institutions, public authorities and various interest groups are welcome to take an active part in BEACON.

BEACON participants will be invited to attend meetings and workshops, provide input to further strategies, in addition to contributing to policy documents which ultimately are utilised to set the framework for the technological development. BEACON is meant to provide a voice in the Norwegian and European ecosystem for batteries, offer information about status and future development in Europe, give access to knowledge and information about the technological development, and create an arena for establishing strong partnerships and cooperation with other actors. In addition, BEACON will collectively represent its participants in dialog with Norwegian and European governments and funding bodies.

In short, the benefits for participating in BEACON will be synergy effects created by the network though gathering all actors within the battery value chain. These synergy effects will in the long term contribute to increased research funding and faster technological development, which in turn will potentially lead to economic growth and increased number of employees for both small and large enterprises.

As a starting point for the establishment, we propose three areas that are based on the Norwegian competitive advantages. This will of course be thoroughly considered and revised by those who wish to take key roles in BEACON and accept the challenge of putting Norway on the global battery map.

Advanced materials and cell designModule design, battery systems and system integrationCharging and electricity infrastructure.