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The Lifecycle of EV Batteries & Recycling

March 17th, 10.00 - 12.00 (Brussels)

With the fast-growing market for EVs, the sustainability requirements of battery manufacturing, ethical sourcing of raw materials and facilitating reuse, repurposing and recycling becomes a critical success factor.

This webinar looks at the significance of EU Cie proposal for the Battery Regulation, the situation in Asia and gives a specific example of sustainable production and recycling of Graphite in Europe.

Innovation in batteries is going to help end the ICE Age!

See Agenda and link for registration on the Avere website

CRM4EV focus on Western Australia

March 18th, 9.00 - 11.40 (Brussels)

Showcase Western Australia assets and capabilities in the battery supply chain & rare earth minerals, hear directly from mining companies and government representatives.

Existing battery value chains face significant governance challenges which threaten both their security and sustainability.

Western Australia's geological endowments, trusted governance framework and strong international relationships make it an ideal partner for international efforts to develop more resilient battery value chains.

Western Australia currently produces nine of the 10 mineral elements required to produce most lithium-ion battery anodes and cathodes and has commercial reserves of graphite – the remaining element.

Accelerating global demand presents Western Australia with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transition into a major processing, manufacturing and trading hub. Critical components in advanced battery production — precursor, anode, cathode, electrolyte — can be manufactured in Western Australia.

See Agenda and link for registration on the Avere website

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